Welcome to ANRC 2016! Just sans Andy, and five months late …

May 10, 2016


And then there was one.

As those of you who regularly read our humble little literary blog know, Andy has bid us adieu for now. Hopefully it is not the last time we will see him around these parts, but he has taken (at least) this year off ANRC while he tackles the full reading list that comes with doing his PhD.

Meanwhile I have decided to continue with this blog, but was reluctant to tackle it on my own. I reckon its main strength has always lay with the “he said/she said” format we adopted from the get-go. So with that in mind, I am drafting in a succession of guest bloggers to join me on my journey through the great (and occasionally not-so-great) books of (mostly) modern times.

This is also my opportunity to get stuck into some of those books that Andy had long vetoed (Moby-Dick, here I come!), or that I was keen to do but couldn’t because Andy had already read them.

Usually, we provide the list of books we will be reading before we kick off each year (and yeah, I know it’s May, but you know – that’s life). I won’t be doing that this year, primarily because both the list of books – and the peeps who’ll be reading them with me – is still being finalised.

However, I can reveal that this month’s book will be last year’s Man Booker winner A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon Samuels. And I will be joined by my pal Lee in dissecting it. You can expect to read our thoughts very early next month.

On a personal note, this year marks a decade since Andy and I sat in a pub, got pissed, and dreamed up the idea for this blog. Since then we’ve read – and written about – more than 100 books. We’ve discovered writers who have become our favourite authors; we’ve marvelled at and moaned about various books; we’ve worked our way through some of the major novels, non-fiction, plays and poems of the 20th century (and a little before and a little afterwards. It’s been a helluva ride. And that ride ain’t over yet!

See you in June, fellow literature lovers!


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