And now for the 2010 Challenge …

January 24, 2010

Andy and I have prepared this year’s list a little differently to those of the previous two years. Rather than a you-pick-six-I’ll-pick-six, most of these authors are on this list by mutual consensus – then it was just a matter of choosing the book. We think it’s an absolute cracker of a list – and I’m hoping for not a Black Swan, Lot 49 or Melancholy Whore in sight!

January – Where I’m Calling From: RAYMOND CARVER
February – Post Office: CHARLES BUKOWSKI
March – Possession: AS Byatt
April – And The Ass Saw The Angel: NICK CAVE
May – Collected Poems: THOM GUNN
June – Fit To Print: JORIS LUYENDIJK
July – The Drowned World: JG BALLARD
August – As I Lay Dying: WILLIAM FAULKNER
September – Black Water: JOYCE CAROL OATES
October – Our Story Begins: TOBIAS WOLFF
November – Johnno: DAVID MALOUF
December – Wide Sargasso Sea: JEAN RHYS

Pretty cool, huh?

In addition, there’ll be 12 extra blogs – six apiece – from us this year as we embark on an adjunct to ANRC2010, which I’ve dubbed Andy/Netty Revisited. We will be rereading 12 books that are significant to us over the course of the year, one every other month. We’re not announcing this list ahead of time, and Andy is first cab of the rank this month. It’s all about value-adding, folks!

And for those of you who may check out our blogs when they pop up on your news feeds, if you’re not already following us, please consider doing so (just press that little blue button on the top right-hand side of your screen!). It’s free – and not many things are these days! – and we hope it’s informative and entertaining. Please feel free to post your comments – be they bouquets or brickbats – or read along with us. And when we finally score that American cable-show gig, you’ll be able to say ‘I was there at the beginning … ‘

Have a great year of books, guys!


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